The Benefits of a Specimen Retrieval Bag
Several advantages are associated with the specimen retrieval bag. It allows the surgeon to remove tissues and organs from the body through small incisions, reduces postsurgical wound pain, and speeds recovery time. However, this technique is not without risks. Consequently, a specimen retrieval bag...
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Recycled Pipette Tip Boxes
Can pipette tip boxes be recycled? The pipette tip box recycling program at UIC is helping scientists find ways to recycle laboratory supplies. This program diverts nearly 46,000 pipette tip boxes from landfills and saves the facility about seven thousand dollars annually in medical waste contract c...
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Syphilis Elisa Test - Comparison of RPR and Randox-TPHA Assays
Syphilis elisa testing is one of the common screening methods for syphilis in Ethiopia. It is routinely performed on pregnant women, blood donors, and social workers. Although RPR is cheap and widely used, its diagnostic performance is questionable. While manufacturers claim that it is highly accura...
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How To Do Rapid Diagnostic Test For Malaria?
A blood smear test is one of the most important tests for determining the presence of malaria. This test looks for the presence of proteins released by the parasite. It can provide more accurate results than a blood smear, which is often necessary to confirm the diagnosis. If the parasite count in y...
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Cassette Test
The THC cassette test is a simple and inexpensive method for determining whether a person has used marijuana. It is easy to use and has no known side effects. A THC cassette contains the letter T and a letter C. If a person tests positive, the results will be displayed on a screen. The THC […...
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Salting Out DNA
Salting out DNA involves adding large quantities of salt to a DNA sample to make it less soluble. The salt will attach to the strands until the DNA becomes electrically neutral. This clumping will reduce the magnitude of the electric field outside of the Debye length. In the presence of ions, pieces...
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The Universal Transport Medium Tube and Liquid Amies Transport Systems
UTM is a universal transport medium (UTM) designed to maintain the viability of microorganisms in tubes that have a screw cap. This tube is FDA cleared for the transportation, storage, and preservation of clinical specimens containing viruses and bacterial organisms. The medium is contained in a pla...
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What Is The Difference Between Elisa And Dot Elisa?
In the assay system, immobilized protein coating is conditioned to a maximum, and binding of the companion protein at high concentration reflects saturated binding. Therefore, much like that in affinity chromatography, the disassociation ensuing from wash separation situations is a extremely sensiti...
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Virus Collection And Transport Equipment
It is designed to take care of the optimum viability and virulence of the viral specimen. Designed with security, reliability and convenience to meet your viral testing needs. It is ready-to-use transport swab kit, designed to maintain viral viability and transport viruses in energetic type for isol...
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How Correct Are The Model New Rapid Lateral Move Tests?
Government steering currently recommends taking a take a look at “if you may be in a high-risk situation that day”. A program has been developed by the UN Food and Agricultural Organization and the International Atomic Energy Agency in 32 creating nations to assist fight animal epidemics faster ...
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